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    Default Developement roadmap?

    Is there a such thing?

    I'm currently in the process of making next years budget for one of the small enterprise sized organizations (250-300 nodes). One of the key investments will be a new network security system. So we are considering different UTM systems, Untangle among them. It would be nice to have a general overview where this thing is going and what are the major goals that have been set. System we choose will have to serve this organization for at least 3-4 years minimum. Some of the UTM systems we are considering are quite mature and have better implementation of some basic stuff like Firewall and IPS. But again there are some unique features in Untangle that I like a lot. So my current idea is to go with a separate 3Com firewall and put Untangle behind it as a bridge. But also some 3Com/Tippingpoint and Sonicwall stuff look tempting especially when one takes into account that Untangle paid versions are quite pricey. Some kind of development road map would make me much more confident investing into Untangle.

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    Well i don't know anything about a official roadmap.
    But you can find what features/bugs that they are working on the to the next Rls in the Bugzilla.

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    Untangle has never published a roadmap. They operate on a "when it's done it's done model."

    Integration of all this open and closed source in a seamless appliance isn't easy. They learned a long time ago telling everyone feature X was going to be done on date Y simply leads to upset customers when things don't happen the way you want.

    Also, if you think Untangle is expensive I think you need to fix your research. Untangle Super Bundle (everything paid included) + hardware = half the price of the nearest competitor.

    Don't think about where the product is going, just use it for what it is. The most flexible and powerful UTM on the shelf. Other products are more developed on layer 3. And Untangle works hard to close all those holes. Use Bugzilla to see what is currently in que. And if you think a feature is needed, make an enhancement request in bugzilla. Untangle listens to their community, they listen twice to paying customers.
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