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    Default Thank you Richard Marshall

    Hello, I wouldn't normally do this but I have been so impressed with the service I received I thought I would mention it!

    Our school has been using the open source version of untangle for about 1 year and it became very time consuming to manage and keep the filters upto date. I spoke to the headteacher about this problem and he agreed that I could research a number of products to find which one was best and most cost effective for our school (we only have 70ish students). I fired a few emails off to various companies which included Bloxx, Smoothwall, Censornet and a few others! Bloxx was far too expensive for us, it worked out to about 30 per a student and the same applied for Smoothwall which was about 20 per a student. Out of all the companies I emailed Untangle were the only one which offered us a trial to actually test if their product would be suitable for us! About a week into our trial everything was going fantastic (I made loads of enemies because various games sites were blocked). After we decided to purchase the products we were trailing, I emailed Richard for payment instructions which he replied back with promptly even with the massive time difference.

    The only problem we have is at County Hall it takes upto 2 weeks to process a foreign transaction, however to tie us over until the payment is completed our trial has been extended.

    To sum all this up, I'm a very happy customer at the moment and would definitely recommend untangle for other schools.

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    Thanks for the kind words.. And yes, Richard Marshall never sleeps, that's his secret. :-)
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