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    Default Untangle, OpenVPN, and a branch office

    I'm geeking out about this a bit... so I had to come here and post.

    One of my large local clients runs a hefty Untangle server, 6 interface monster, it works. They recently opened a branch office across town that is running on a really crappy dsl line. At this site I have a cash register (PC), wireless AP, and the DSL router. They network is really simple.

    Now the cash register has OpenVPN running with the service enabled so it's always connected to the main office.

    I just got an IM from the client and they wanted me to change the SSID on the wireless to clear some issues. So, I fired up my OpenVPN client on my desktop here at my office, connected to their main Untangle server, RDP'd over my tunnel, off their Untangle server, to that remote cash register. From there I used the web browser to reconfigure the DSL router, and the wireless access point, and got the job done.

    The job wasn't complicated, the configuration isn't huge either, but the fact that my packets just wandered across the internet, to their main office, over the internet again to the branch office, and somehow found their way back all without a hitch just has me basking in the glory of technology.

    Especially when you consider the software required to pull this off is "free".

    P.S. When I first connected the register itself had an RDP connection to the terminal server at the main office running. So when I originally connected I got the XP desktop, and was almost immediately thrown to the 2003 terminal server. So technically I connected to the main office, bounced off the branch, and landed back at the main office again.

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    When they work correctly that is..

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