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    Hi, i have been waiting some time 44 days for trying untangle didn't want to take down my smoothwall on my little mhz computer who running smooth, but when i had to install an update, i burned untangled on a cd and installed it on my intel p4 3.0 ghz, 1 gb ram server computer, and untangle works great! i really like the web interface easy and cool, but its somethings i really hope i will see inn untangle, its msn chat logging, and traffic graphs in the reports or something, and something so you can setup like a shroudbnc with webinterface, see here that would be really cool, but i have heard the word untangle 5.1 when does it comes?, what is the new futures, new web interface design?, less software free?

    Hope you keep up the good work and that you will get more futures with this great program(you have to use highspeecs for this gateway, so it should have alot of programs to!)
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