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    Default Who's Bright Idea Was it...

    Who's bright idea was it to place an entry in the "Packet Filters" that forced port 22 stay open even on the Ext. interface? I was surprised when I found that entry, especially since that is usually the first thing most router block, much less open.

    In all reality, I am not sure the harm it could have possibly caused, but I am sure somebody somewhere may have been affected by this.

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    What exactly is the issue? You'd rather have to enable the packet filter after manually enabling the ssh service?

    If the service isn't running there is zero risk.
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    I've certainly never had an issue with it, it's one less rule for me to create when enabling SSH access to my Untangle installations. And it makes creating a block rule for traffic bound to the Untangle server on TCP port 22 if it comes from an WAN interface that much easier to insert.
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