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    Default Change log blows!

    FYI guys and gals at Untangle - I find your change log utterly useless. Mainly because you don't link to the report numbers.

    Also - I was going to post a link to the wiki but you need to have a post count of 5 or greater? Another lame policy, how about smileys, do you restrict the use of smileys to a 10 post count?

    * Major report changes to bring consistency and simplicity to report graphs and data (#7713, #6923, #7505, #7579, #7583, #7618, #7893, #7894, #7895, #7896, #7897, #7901, #7902, #7903, #7913, #7924, #7927,#7928)
    * Report pages can now be printed (#7445)

    WTF do all the #xxxx numbers mean? It's MEANINGLESS. I'd like to know if the bug I had is fixed so I don't hose a day of reporting. Maybe I just don't know where to find your bug list but BOY would a link help me! The bug I had in 7.3 was that the first name to IP in the list would be all of the Internet activity when that clearly wasn't the case so I had to delete all my name to IP mappings and just let it use IP. Also - it would be nice to just use reverse dns on the name to ip mappings instead of my typing it in manually (feature request?).

    Please link to the #xxxx case support numbers so they're meaningful and I can see what you actually fixed.


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    You know there are better ways to get your point across. Headlines like Sucks!, Blows! and Stupid! are antagonistic and IMO unnecessary.

    And the post requirement is to reduce the spammers from posting. The mods do a really good job of keeping them at bay and I don't think that a 5 post requirement is too burdensome.

    You might check out to find what you are looking for.

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    While I'm pretty sure, I can't guarantee that I know what I'm doing. There might be a better way to do this, and this way might actually suck. Make sure you understand the implications of what you're doing before trying to follow these directions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrunkel View Post
    One nice link by day!!!
    Congratulations MRunkel
    The world is divided into 10 kinds of people, who know binary and those not

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    I can go ahead and tell you the "bug" you're looking for isn't in there.You configured all your IPs to have the same name, and they all have the same name. As far as I can tell, everything is working exactly as you configured it and exactly as expected. allows you to file, track, and research all the different things being worked on.
    Attention: Support and help on the Untangle Forums is provided by volunteers and community members like yourself.
    If you need Untangle support please call or email

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