I would like to see incorporation of a reverse proxy, even if it was not a terribly friendly gui, just something. From the perspective of untangle, in a small network by letting untangle manage SSL certs, and control flow through port 80/443 this could be hugely beneficial in handling access to untangle, while also sharing other apps. This is also a specialized feature with really not a lot required to set up, and lots of users would benefit from this.

I assume this is actually only a few config files away from being doable as is, but I am not really wanting to go poking around since it is unsupported to hack and duct tape the untangle underpinnings.

I know this has implications for larger scale and if a network design should work this way, but SOHO (the market for Untangle?) it isn't a terrible design, and the simplicity of management from a network standpoint could make it a killer feature.

Thanks for hearing me out,

Already Posted here: http://forums.untangle.com/feedback/...rse-proxy.html