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    Default Full DNS Server?

    I was thinking, is there ever a chance in the future that maybe an option to install a BIND9 module could ever make its way into Untangle? That way Untangle could have a full blown DNS server running under the hood.

    The reason I say it should be a rack module is that way if you don't need it does not have conflicts with people trying to use the simple DNS service already in place.
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    dnsmasq has most features you could want already built in... I don't know if a BIND installation would offer you much additional functionality, other than being able to use zone files from a MS DNS server in a pinch.
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    I think doing something to integrate with active directory would be good.
    Untangle is designed for SMB, even scaling to enterprise now. I'll go out on a limb and say that "more often than not", Untangle will be placed in setups where active directory exists.

    For proper increased functionality, it seems if Untangle would allow DNS to work with the DNS of the Windows Servers, plus allow DHCP to relay to an internal Microsoft DHCP server, especially for when creating site to site WANs using Untangle at each end, it would be good.

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