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    When I do get through to support it has been very good. However, twice now I have received during business hours a message that says you are not there and to leave a message.

    Yesterday, I called a half hour later and found that you were in fact there but the phones were busy and someone referred additional calls to the recorder.

    I understand that you guys may be busy, but that is why I paid for the support, so that when I get busy and need to get an answer, I get a live person and not a message to leave a message.

    My other point is that leaving a message saying you are not there during business hours does not inspire confidence in the customer, especially give the product you provide.

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    First, welcome to the forums. I probably talked with you yesterday. I sympathize with your frustration. We do not refer calls to a recorder. It rolls over when the entire support team are already on the phone and cannot answer. We cannot hire unlimited staff to take care of the few times that we are all busy. We don't think it would be right to answer the phone, take down your information, then shut the door on you until we worked our way through the queue. We also don't think its right to make you listen to elevator music until we work through the queue. We do think its right to make sure that we take the time to pay attention to you and to your issues, and give you the best answers possible. That sometimes takes some time. If you are the person who I spoke with yesterday, I bumped you up in the queue, but the phone number you left in your message goes to a generic voicemail box. Luckily, you called back as I was trying to figure out how to reach you. Also, the message on the support line does not say we are not there. It tells you our support hours.

    We do do our best on a consistent basis, but we cannot guarantee that you will not have to leave a message. We will guarantee that we will take care of your needs in the best manner possible and in the fastest time reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdh View Post
    We do do our best on a consistent basis
    Now that is just nasty!! Couldn't you have your throne business out of it??

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    Ironic that telephone-based support should become an "issue" for someone... I had a problem just yesterday... with a MULTI-BILLION-dollar company (Blizzard...)... I was on hold for over an hour, and I heard the "beep boop" that you might normally hear when a call is being transferred. A second later, I get "beep beep beep beep... click" ... What the? Did they hang up on me? Yep... They sure did. So I called back, and it DIDN'T EVEN RING! It went straight to a "this call cannot be completed" message, and even after trying on a cellphone there was no getting through. How's THAT for support?

    At least the Untangle staff has the dangly-bits to admit that they were over capacity on support calls and apologize for it, then give you the option of leaving a message so they can call you back. Blizzard? Yeah, their support lines re-opened five minutes before they closed for the day. How do I know? After being on hold for another 35 minutes, I get the "Blizzard billing support is now closed... our office hours are..." -- CLICK --

    I'll take Untangle's Support team any day of the week...
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    WoW, just found this by surfing around. Astaro support:
    " Dear Customer,

    please note that Astaro Support is a pure 2nd level support and for Astaro Partners and Distribution only. The Astaro partner or distributor will help you to solve the problem and may forward the issue to Astaro according to the purchased silver and gold maintenance conditions.

    Please retain the detailed support conditions from our 'Astaro Customer Support Services Reference Guide' at

    For free support you can also search our knowledge-base on

    To receive help from other users you may also use the User Bulletin Board at

    Best regards,

    Astaro Support Team EMEA

    Please allow the follwing response times according to your support level:

    * 90-days warranty, if you are still in the 90-days free post-sales period you will receive a response in less than 24 hours (Mo - Fr / excludes holidays).
    * Silver support, if you purchased a silver support contract within the last year you will receive a response in less than 24 hours (Mo - Fr / excludes holidays).
    * Gold support, if you purchased a gold support contract within the last year you will receive a response in less than 4 hours (Mo - Fr / excludes holidays, during the following business hours 7 am PT - 6 pm PT for the Americas, 7 am CET - 6pm CET for EMEA/APAC).
    * Platinum support, if you purchased a platinum support contract within the last year you will receive a response in less than 4 hours (24x7).

    to be understood, you must first understand. :)
    Attention: Support and help on the Untangle Forums is provided by volunteers and community members like yourself. If you need Untangle support please call or email

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