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    Default Upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0 wasn't smooth.

    I have built several untangle boxes for clients, and most I use the untangle as a router. But in this one occasion I have it setup as a Bridge.

    The clients original router is needed in this case, and what happened, is all of a sudden I got a call a few days ago (around when the updates were sent out) that the internet was no longer working and they were not able to get ip addresses.

    Somehow your update did this to my connection:

    Bridge mode stopped passing DHCP requests through the bridge to the router on the other side.

    And after the reboot even with clients that had the ip information hardcoded it would no longer transmit traffic from the network through the untangle box to the gateway, as if It 'forgot' its settings.

    Now I like the fact that you automatically roll out the updates, and of course my home network my untangle is setup as a router not a bridge, but you might want to look into this..

    I scratched my head, looked at the router, checked the untangle box to see if it had crashed, checked the switches, did some diagnostics, I could ping my server, the router, and some other stuff from the untangle box, but I couldn't route or send packets through the box.

    So, I decided to, re-run the network wizard on the untangle box, and Voilla, everything worked perfect.

    I realize this configuration probably isn't nearly as common as using it as a router, but for next time, if you could test the funtionality of a machine running in a bridged mode before sending out the update and maybe figure out 'why' it did this would be nice.



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    I'd suggest calling support if you have support.

    Theres no way we can say what happened based on what you have posted.
    I'd post the output of 'cat /root/.zsh_history'

    There are no known upgrade issues.

    In your case I'd suggest turning off automatic updates.
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    I'd agree with turning off automatic updates. In our case it's kind of too late, because we can't put it back the way it was. After v8.0 one of our VPN connections went down and upon calling support our DMZ was gone after a change or two... we stayed late last night and restored to where the DMZ was back (used for Guest Access) but the VPN is still out (a "StrongSwan" ipsec "B2B" tunnel). Attempts to add a bypass rule caused the DMZ to go away again (nulls-out eth[x]). The other dude here knows most, but we've got 4 UT boxes; 3 do very little at remote offices and communicate with The One at our mainoffice via metro-ethernet. We have remote users that are kinda 24/7 and changing firewall rules ends up kicking these people off of their Citrix & RDP sessions. Can't mod during business hours. We started with a clean 7.4 install and have the AD plugin (which is pretty cool) on a W2K domain. Any advice, questions or feedback would be welcome! Thanks in advance.

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