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    Exclamation Ping Enable/Disable

    Could we pls have ping enabled/disabled per interface rather than the present global enable disable?

    Reason: I do not want pings answered on the WAN side, but do want them on the LAN side. It seems that some new electronic devices (TVs, Media boxes, etc.) like to ping the gateway during the network setup process. As it stands now, I have to allow pings on the WAN to allow them on the LAN, which I definitely to not want to do.

    Thank you!

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    You can create the rules yourself, in the packet filter. Just turn off the global rule, and create your own.

    Stopping ICMP sourced from external is easy...

    source interface: external
    protocol: icmp
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    Duh. Should have thought of that, but didn't. Thank you!

    For anyone else reading this who wants to know exactly what's necessary:

    System Packet Filter Rules:
    uncheck "Allow ping on all interfaces"

    Create Rule:
    "ICMP Internal"
    Action "Pass"
    Protocol "ICMP"
    Source Interface "Internal"

    Create Rule:
    "ICMP External"
    Action "Drop"
    Protocol "ICMP"
    Source Interface "External"

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