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    True...but since we're talking about facts (a minimum system requirement is a stated fact with most software)....the "recommended" requirement is named differently...because..well, it's not the technical minimum, it's the recommended minimum.
    Technical minimum requirement....this software will not install and run without having at least XXX amount.
    Recommended minimum...this software will run more optimally with at least XXX amount.
    There's a difference.

    For SBS08 I've been doing 12 gigs with my servers..above minimum, and above recommended minimum.
    Back with SBS03 I did 4 gigs..above minimum and recommended minimum.

    RAM and quad core CPUs are now dirt cheap, so even getting the minimum recommended...or going still cheaper these days than it was in years past.

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    Yeah, but you're installing SBS on a box that costs $4000-5000. I'd actually consider using SBS on platforms that expensive because the hardware is redundant enough that I can quit worrying about it.

    There is only one problem with that logic... that price range is NOT SBS. I get $1500 for a server if I'm lucky.
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    I'd be happy to use my new Exchange license to upgrade from 2003, but the CIsco Unity server needs to be upgraded first as it isn't compatible with 2007.
    It's in next year's budget - thank goodness the fiscal year follows the calendar!

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