Untangle has one of the nicest interface but here are some humble suggestions to make it more efficient at usage without changing the actual visual style appearance which is perfect :


Actually, we have the racks on the right side (main panel).
We could say we have the default rack (containing firewall service and so on) and the "service rack" (containing OpenVPN service and so on). My propositions are related to being able to :

- "see" these racks as accordion gui elements to focus on wanted services.
- create some "accordions" and able to drag "services" from on accordion to another to organize the screen to our usage.

NAVIGATION PANEL (that what we have on the left side of the screen)

We currently have 2 tabpanels : "apps" and "config". I suggest some modifications for the config one :

- Transform it in a treeview with different entries
- Main entry or first one could be the parent of the actual areas (networking, administration...)
- the others entries would be related to the different services (spam blocker, phish blocker, spyware blocker and so on...)
- each entry would also have child entries which simply be the tabpanels names we see when we click "settings" on a service, so clicking on one of these childs would open the settings related page.

At the end, we would have convenient visualization and fast access to features through the flexible and organized areas represented by the treeview on the left and the racks on the right.