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    I've called support twice total. UT has the best tech support I've ever used. Being a computer guy, most tech support asks me to do a bunch of nonsense I've already tried, no such nonsense with untangle. I spend almost zero time in the menus, no time on hold, and my last call from the time I finished dialing to the time I hung up the phone lasted only 2:51. That's just under three minutes. I couldn't be happier.

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    those guys are awesome.
    Attention: Support and help on the Untangle Forums is provided by volunteers and community members like yourself.
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    Tony, and Richie have both pulled my arse out of the fire at least once. The new guy, well I haven't talked with him much other than to ask him to send me to Tony. Not a preference issue on my end, just that it was an ongoing issue that Tony was already familiar with.

    But yes, UT tech support is awesome.

    Hlarson, you'll always be the new guy until I learn your first name!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post

    Hlarson, you'll always be the new guy until I learn your first name!
    You can call her "Arnold" based in the avatar

    (ok ok, my first name isnt BarbecuePC)
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