Got a call today from a client that operates two Untangle servers. (and by call I mean IM via Facebook)

The first server is a 6 interface monster that runs Untangle Premium. The second is a 3 interface device running Untangle Lite.

The 3 interface device does no filtering, it's just there for QoS. It has all NAT policies removed and doesn't do much but sit there pushing packets. The external interface is attached to a 100mbit site-to-site fiber line that connects to the main office.

So anyway, today I get a call that the branch can't access any of the servers at the main office. But, the branch has Internet access.

My first thought is someone is quite insane since those two things are one and the same... the branch gets it's internet from the Untangle at the main office after all.

So a long story short, everything works except short DNS name resolution. A quick ipconfig on an XP box at the branch reveals no dns suffix on the lan connection. I take a look at the copy of dnsmasq.conf on the branch Untangle and sure enough... there is no domain=blah.local in there.

So after a call to support and we're all collectively scratching our heads as to weather or not this is by design, or a bug... I hit advanced mode and add the line myself and the issue goes away.

Jury is still out on if it's a bug or a feature, but while we figure it out the customer is online.

Issue Reported: 3:04:27 PM
Issue Resolved: 3:36:37 PM

Try doing that with a Sonicwall!

Thanks again guys, Untangle support rocks.