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    Rebooting is a bad idea. If Untangle fails but is still in a running state, then the logs that might tell us what the problem is will be lost with the reboot. Rebooting would do more bad than good.
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    i also would think that if a server reboots on a loop, it would not be reachable by support therefore not being of any assistance.....

    what would be the parameter considered for reboot....i think there should be some sort of a severity issue before the auto reboot option is enabled if at all....or maybe even a kill command given if lets say performance indicates that server is having a meltdown that would constitute, hardware damage.....

    i also think that IF this service is enabled or even added into the untangle it should DEF be a paid service because of the added stress on the untangle master consumption...and resources it would take up just monitoring the XXX,XXX servers that are online....

    i feel that server down time and uptime should monitored by the system admin...such as the service that is offered at

    this is a paid service and if this is to be considered by untangle then maybe this should be the same route that untangle takes because this alone could be a huge resource hog on the untangle systems

    my two cents worth

    Thank you

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