Just a message to thank the Untangle team for a very nice job of packaging these features into an easy CD installation. I've used IPCOP in a fairly large school network environment. My children are getting old enough to use the computer and I don't need them to get "surprised" by what might popup on their monitors. I'd started to do an IPCOP installation, but the features I wanted to use made the effort a bit arduous. I ran across Untangle and it made my efforts to implement a "Home Shield" for my kids successful. As you know, the installation is a dream. It's virtually inconsequential, which is a good thing.

I originally attempted the install on a dual core Intel board that I had. It had 512 meg, so things bogged down eventually. That effort was a failure.

I loaded up a Jetway dual NIC C7 board with 1 gig of memory. Even though it has a 20 gig hard drive, the attempt was completely successful. I suspect that this will be one of those systems that you walk away from and check every few months. That's been my experience with most of my Linux installations. We'll see.

For my kids, I want to thank the entire team over at Untangle. I doubt that I'll need the commercial version of your product, but I hope `you'll accept our thanks for a great bit of protection for our children.