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    Default Spam on the forums

    Can we do something about this please?

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    click on the little red triangle in the offending post under the users name.
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    You know, the spammer with a sense of irony came >< close to getting me to click his links...
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    Default Spam on the Forum..

    I know I've only just joined but wow you sure get a load of spam on this forum.

    Every day when I log-in and check to see what's been posted since I last logged-in you see it, so as mrunkel said I'm
    click[ing] on the little red triangle in the offending post under the users name
    And lo and behold it goes to be replaced with more the next time I log-in, you sure get hit hard here don't you?

    What's the deal with this forum in particular to others I wonder?

    No this isn't spam I'm just curious as to why you keep getting hit so damned hard constantly?

    I go on about 3 or 4 forums quite regular and don't see nowhere near as much on them, and a lot of them are much bigger forums than this one, Ubuntu, Mint, Firefox as examples.

    That will get people posting I'll bet.
    Probably along the lines of go back there or something like that......



    p.s. I'm seriously just curious about this?

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