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    Have I been pushy? Or done anything in any way recently to make anyone feel like I've shoved my appliances down anyone's throat?

    If I sell a product, that provides the evidence that someone needs to help them know if their idea for a device will work or not, in my mind, I'm aiding this community by pointing out that comparison.

    If anyone here finds issue with this thinking. Please let me know so I can change my tactics, but be aware the owners of these forums have decided I need to be gagged and never mention any of my equipment, ever, outside of the commercial forums.

    Yes, I've been threatened with a ban, all because I tried to HELP someone.
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    You weren't threatened with a ban for helping someone.
    You were threatened with a ban because it is your third warning for not following the solicitation guidelines found here:

    7-day ban issued. take a break. cool off. see you in a week.

    Even though you were one of the users pushing to get this policy in place, you must follow the rule like all other members.
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