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    Default Does same as

    Hi Guys,

    Does same as I have sent several emails to both and regarding our transitioning from current setup to Untangle but non of them replied to me!!!


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    Default is Untangle Inc. is a Separate company.

    So they are not the same ppl. Untangle Appliances are just Untangle Resellers.
    They are active here on the forum and normally they are quick to respond.

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    Yeah one is Untangle, the other is myself and Jim.

    I have responded to you, as best I can. If you're waiting on my assistance on the consulting side...

    And this is going to sound a bit trite...

    But you're in line! There is only one me here, and I've got many things on my plate. I'm trying to get through them as fast as possible. So I'm asking for your patience. Though given you weren't sure who you were talking to, I think I'm going to shelf your request at the moment until you figure out who you're asking and what you're asking for first.
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    Default Untangle contact info

    You can contact us not only at info[at], but at support[at] for technical issues or sales[at] for pre-sales help. You can also call us at +1 (408) 598-4299.

    We get quite a bit of email, but we always reply. If you haven't received a response yet, please give us a call.

    Hope this helps!

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