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Thread: Full Tunnel VPN

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    Default Full Tunnel VPN

    The universal thin client has arrived, and it's going to be in our smart phones.

    How are we going to connect these devices and manage their security while on the road?

    We need to be able to manage our security in the cloud... managing it on site is not enough anymore.

    PPTP/L2TP/IPSec/OpenVPN, I don't care, but I need a way to get all these roaming devices into a virtual network with Untangle protection.

    Sure I can do it now with a separate VPN appliance behind Untangle... but those aren't selling. Pitching in another module would be easier to sell.
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    Docked and road have some inconsitency, but good to know
    (I say this out of envy, I am using a nokia 1100, main main cell phone die)
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