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    Question Untangle Language Encoding

    Untangle is based on Debian Linux. Debian Linux default locale value is "C". My web browser(Internet Explorer) use Korean encoding. I exported a intranet web server in RAP(Remote Access Portal).

    I changed locale value from "C" to "ko_KR.UTF8" with "dpk-reconfigure locales" command on Untangle ssh and then did reboot Untangle server but locale value still was "C". I still can't use Korean on RAP.

    How can I change locale value in Untangle server ? I have to apply Korean to use our company intranet web server to Untangle server.

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    Hi jbcheon

    I have gone ahead and filed a RAP Enhancement for you in Bugzilla

    Feel free to add any additional comments you would like for this. We LOVE getting suggestions from our community on how to improve and expand Untangle. Feel free to file them in our Bugzilla

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