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    Default IMG File installs

    Just wanted to throw this out there. I was attempting to put Untangle_932_x32.img on my silver bullet (1gb flash device).

    Win32 Disk Imager kept puking back, error 5: Access is denied.

    Untangle's instructions for use of the IMG file, located:

    List the following procedure:
    To install from a USB drive:

    Download Win32DiskImager.
    Insert your USB drive into your computer.
    Right click on your USB drive and format it using FAT32. This will erase all data on the drive!
    Launch Win32DiskImager and select the Untangle image file.
    Select the drive letter of your USB disk (be sure not to accidentally select your hard drive).
    Click Write to write the image to the drive.

    This process did not work for me, and resulted in the aforementioned error. I was able to get around the error by destroying all partitions on the flash device, and writing the image to the RAW flash device. The final product returns a device formatted FAT, not FAT32.

    I attempted a format of the device to make it blank and with a FAT file system and I still get the access denied error. To make matters more annoying my Windows 7 Pro desktop will not allow the deletion of the partitions on the device via the Drive Manager. I must perform the drive wipe with the command line tool, diskpart.

    I'm not sure I should post instructions for the use of that powerful tool here, as if they are misused they can potentially wipe out a working system. I just want others to know that if they run into an access denied error when writing an image with Win32 Disk Imager, they should first try wiping the partition table clean on the flash device and try again. (If you don't know what this means, it's a pretty good indicator you should stick with the ISO CD installation method, it's far safer)

    Fascinating bit of trivia, diskpart when given the clean directive against the flash drive also reports an access denied error. The system event log reports the following: Cannot zero sectors on disk \\?\PhysicalDrive3. Error code: \\?\PhysicalDrive3.

    So while it's whining it can't zero the drive, the drive is indeed blank, and the written image boots and installs.

    Windows... (Also Thanks Untangle for the Silver Bullet!, it's still installing Untangles.)
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