The first mainboard failure on my 100 platform happened yesterday. Fortunately, it's mine.

Now, this device has physically been abused, it started it's life at Penn State University, during the riots. Was passed around as a demo unit for almost a year, then finally "bought" by Intouch to run my stuff here. After two years in service, I woke up yesterday morning to find my Internet offline, and an appliance that simply wouldn't power up.

After some testing and realizing this wasn't a quick fix, I pulled a 32bit install image to my dev appliance, plugged it in, transferred my sub, and restored my Untangle backup. The only manual work to be done was refreshing the interfaces and reconfiguring my interfaces starting with DMZ. (Someday I'll know why External and Internal stick but the rest are lost) The unit didn't even need a reboot.

Timeline: Went to bed at 2am, woke up at 7am to a dead box, 8am got a phone call that a critical service hosted here needed to be online at 8:30am, service was restored at 8:25am, with five minutes to spare.

Thanks Untangle, for not only making the best UTM on the shelf, but the most flexible one that can jump hardware barriers in emergencies.

Now... to get this poor box fixed...