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    Default Management Swithced to Other System - lWhy

    I loved our time with Untangle. The developers work very hard and the company is ran very well. Thank You.

    Sadly, management decided to switch to a different system. Here are the reasons:
    1) They didn't want to login every device every 24 hours. The competing system permits a 36 hour rolling authentication requirement. As long as you use your device at least every 36 hours, then no more logging in.
    2) They didn't like the reports not uniquely identifying a user. Untangle lets you login as john.doe, John.Doe, and John.Doe@ even when your username is technically "john.doe". And then the reports will consider those three separate people. So you can never get a clear picture of one person if they use different login names.
    3) Untangle doesn't have a graceful failure mechanism. If usage spikes and the CPU gets over burdened to 4.0 or more, then the system may stop providing internet access, and you can't login remotely to fix it.

    Anyway, these are the reasons in order of importance to management. I look forward to continuing to follow the development of this product online. It is a great system in my opinion, and I believe these features will one day be added.

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    Bummer, thanks for the feedback.

    1) You can change this to whatever you like. The UI will not allow more than 24 hours (in 9.x, 10.x allows anything) but you can set it to 6000 years in the settings if you want. Of course, state is lost on reboots. I would contact support if you want to do this.
    3) 4.0 is not high at all. This could be all sorts of things. I would contact support.
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