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Thread: Hola Mundo!

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    Default Hola Mundo!

    That means "Hello World!" in spanish. At least I think it does. Welcome to my little UI and interaction design forum. My name is ian and I take responsibility for making sure all you people out there can actually USE this wonderful untangle stuff. (I design and implement UIs)

    I believe that usability is an issue that can only be solved through incremental improvements and iteration based on the designer's intuition and user feedback. Feedback is important to me, so please keep it coming. The evolution of the user interface is somewhat like the evolution of an oil painting. Layer upon layer, critique after critique.

    Finally, you should realise my biases. I have a background in software engineering, developing user interfaces for children and young students, and visual layout. I believe in minimalism, intuitive simplicity, real-world metaphors, and a symbiotic relationship between product design and product engineering. (take a good look at apple)

    If you have ideas or questions about ease of use, usability, interactivity, etc. heres the place to put those thoughts down! I want to encourage you to give feedback and be a part of the development of this great product!


    PS - As an incentive, if you share a good usability/ui idea and it finds its way into the product, I shall send you a candy/chocolote bar of your choice! My personal favorite is Mr. Goodbar

    (Happy Valentines Day!)
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