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    Default web site shows wrong prices

    nevermind, I misunderstood, it's fine.

    it might be worth mentioning why I misunderstood though...

    the pricing "configurator" here: lets you pick a user level, then pick whether you qualify for edu/char/gov pricing. It shows the price for a 1-10 user edu premium license is $1080, double the price for corporate. This seems wrong. It also shows the price for 11-50 user is the same either way. It was only when I looked at the specific pacakge pricing here: that I realized that the first level of edu pricing covers from 1-150 users.

    No love for small charities I guess. That's why I was looking, I was thinking of trying to sell Untangle Premium to a charity with 8 users, and was thinking the price was going to be $270 per year. $540 per year will be a conversation ender.
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    I think Untangle assumes no edu or gov under 11 computers inside. But talk with sales
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