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    Default Small feature requests?

    Overall I am pretty impressed with the product as a whole.
    I downloaded the server iso threw an extra NIC in an old computer and was up and running in about 15 minutes.
    The initial config is very easy to get through and the admin interface is very intuitive for users of other routers with graphical interfaces.

    I also was very happy about all the apps that could be installed as trials.
    The ipsec trial let me do some testing to help a client in another country. Awesome!

    My only gripe is the simplicity of the IPSEC parameters.
    Admittedly the simplicity allowed me to set up a tunnel to a sonicwall in less than 5 minutes......
    But it would be really nice to have access to different encryption and authentication protocols for both phases, perhaps from a drop down.
    Most admins I work with are demanding AES 128 or 256 encryption, even in phase 1.
    The ability to set DH groups and timeouts would be really nice. Once again most admins I work with are setting an sa timeout of 1 hour.

    I know all the above features are in the back end but the interface gives no access to them? I find that odd.

    In my opinion having a slightly more configurable tunnel set up would give users the ability to access more types of VPN devices and services.


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    Get rid of the Sonicwall, problem solved.
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    What the Dell!

    Is adding some options to the specific listed settings for IPSec, in an advanced area of the module that difficult? It would enhance the module's value as it would increase compatibility with 3rd party IPSec implementations. I agree Untangle strives to be simple, but IPSec is nothing but... IMHO if you want simple you use OpenVPN and forget all about IPSec, if you're doing IPSec... you're already hamstrung in a painful place.
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    IPSEC is the standard for point to point VPN and will continue to be for some time. Its flexibility dictates a complex configuration. Untangle should have an advanced configuration menu, or at least allow us to pass on parameters the same way we used to do with dnsmasq in 9.
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