I pushed my first UT 11 into production this afternoon. It went off without a technical hitch.

I have but one complaint...

Historically Untangle admins would have three buttons to push to install "suites". Lite, Standard, and Premium

Clicking these buttons in the app tab would shove all the apps in the particular package into the rack.

Now, we've lost the Lite button ages ago, and standard doesn't exist so we're left with a list of icons of various applications and we have to stuff them all into the rack one at a time. When this reality is combined with the first boot wizard auto-starting the trial for all the paid applications, the admin is left in a position where it's not immediately obvious which apps are free, and which apps will shutdown in 14 days.

May I suggest the next set of icons incorporate some form of color coding that allows for easy separation of free vs paid? It doesn't' have to say free or paid, it could be as simple as a colored corner. Or perhaps all the "free" icons would have a green theme to them, and all the premium ones gold?

Once the trial is over, the install link will say "buy me". But during the trial it's not easy at a glance to see what's free vs what's paid.