Can we get a V10 skin in an upcoming update because to be frank, I REALLLLYYY dislike the icons for V11.... Some are great - eg. Virus Blocker, HTTPS Inspector, Directory Connector, Live Support.

Some are EXTREMELY ugly and make the product look like its half baked to anyone whom is new to it... eg. web cache, bandwidth control, captive portal, intrusion prevention, firewall... Hell, the policy manager icon looks like crayons and Branding manager kinda looks like a defective bandage. :-)

The V10 skin was great, modern, icons were appealing, and appropriate for such a big upgrade (9 -> 10) however v11 "looks" like a step back in alot of ways. Almost like they were rushed and a second thought.

Thankfully under the hood its still a great product

Keep up the hard work guys! We really appreciate it!