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    Ok; so it's been about two weeks since we made the changes to our mail flow.

    WOW; what a difference.

    The spam database integrity has improved significantly. We're now detecting/blocking/quarantining more spam than before, and false positives are dropping. We are still seeing some spam make it through, but very little can be done about it (Scores are in the 0-1 ranges for the emails getting through). At the present time, we've been able to lower our score to 2 with minimal collateral damage. As time progresses, and the scoring gets better we might be able to lower it more.

    Virus detection has improved slightly. I say this based on two things: 1. Virus detection IS a tough biz. I've seen files get by almost all the players at one time or another. 2. I discovered my predecessor had stopped scanning all files. He reduced the file types Untangle would scan for email. I've corrected this and we're seeing an increase in files being detected.

    Phish blocking, as was pointed out by dmorris, has remain unchanged but the bulk of those emails are being caught by Spam Blacker.

    The issues we are still having are related solely to our infrastructure, and nothing to do with Untangle itself.

    Thanks to everyone who commented on this thread. It looks like we've finally gotten all the kinks worked out.

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    Thats great. I would continue to use the events in reports to spot check things from time to time.

    Now that you know the procedure to troubleshoot its pretty easy to stay on top of it and see when something is wrong.
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