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    We are untangle partners, but we have a very hard time selling the paid services. For 90% of our clients the free version fulfills all of their needs, and they immensly dislike the cost of even a u10. Their basis of comparison is some crappy linksys from Best Buy. As such, we have major problems getting support for these (justifiably). Those few applications they need they buy on a per application basis.

    It's completely understandable that Untangle needs to be paid for support, but from an MSP point of view and Untangle partner, we'd really like to be able to get priority support for the free versions of untangle.

    I want to be clear, I'm willing to pay for support, and eat the cost if it's moderate. I really like the NG Firewall, but from time to time I get stuck and need priority support to help my clients. I usually only need support a couple of times per year. Other than that, I can figure it out on my own, or with help in the forums. I have had help with the free versions, but it understandably isn't quick.

    I'd like to have premium support on a per ticket basis (say $150/ticket). I would also consider a monthly fee for premium support, but it would need to cover all of the Untangle firewalls that we have installed (not a per box fee). A limit on number of tickets per year or month would be fine, if I could buy more. I'd even be okay with a certification process (exams) to prove I know what I'm doing, and not wasting support time with newbie questions. Please note, I'm not asking that this be open to everyone, only untangle partners.

    Is there any possibility that we can get a premium service option? As it stands now, I don't send a lot of money your way, because most of our clients balk at the price. Consequently some issues take a long time to resolve, and my clients also get irritated. From my point of view, this could be win/win for both of us.

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    Hi soapee01,

    You can purchase just "live support" for an untangle without any subscriptions:

    I will pass along your other ideas. Thanks for the feedback.
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