I suspect it would be really helpful if there was an Untangle instance made available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for deployment in the Amazon EC2 environment.

For example, I'm a very happy Untangle user and I'd like to extend my network into an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. The obvious first choice to do that would be to connect using the Untangle IPSec module to another Untangle IPSec module. Unfortunately, it isn't obvious how to deploy Untangle in an AWS environment. While Untangle might not be the best choice for use in an AWS environment, it would be useful in some cases and it certainly could facilitate trials.

I'm at my wits end when it comes to using the AWS hardware VPN tooling to connect to the Untangle IPSec module, so I'm going to focus on deploying alternative software approaches on the AWS end. Clearly I will start with an AWS AMI running strongSwan. But wouldn't an Untangle to Untangle structure be cleaner???? Hence my request.