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    Default Midnight gateway failure.

    A client's Untangle 11.2 gateway hardware failed last night... Intel motherboard imploded, so, this morning, I pulled the hard drive and the dual nic card, dropped them into an old Athlon dual core desktop that was lying around, that had a couple of nics already installed, with half the memory, booted it up and remapped the interfaces. Done. For the short term anyway. It was literally that easy.

    Ain't Untangle grand!?!

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    That's the power of Debian...

    And yeah, that right there is precisely why I support and use Untangle. Our desert EATS hardware, and being able to slap something together, get the client online, while we're waiting for parts is critical. That next day crap from Sonicwall is for the birds, I have Untangle servers back online within a few hours of the fault generally.
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