I'm not sure this thread answered your original question. You specifically mentioned NOT comparing Untangle to PFsense, but then the PFsense discussion ensued.

M0n0wall isn't around anymore, and Smoothwall has now morphed into a commercial product. The distro that was most like Untangle was Astaro, but now that's Sophos. Honestly, we are most often compared by potential customers to Sophos, Dell SonicWALL, Barracuda, Fortinet and even Cisco ASA and Meraki. I'm sure that some of our resellers can add to this thread with who they run into out there.

Untangle stands out in a lot of ways. It's downloadable software with free features as well as paid. It can be run on your own hardware or on one of our appliances. It works at layer 7, as Sky-Knight pointed out. It's got incredible database-driven reporting that keeps getting better. The new dashboard is (to our knowledge) the only one in the industry to include custom-configurable widgets and be fully responsive on mobile devices. Its rules engine is extremely powerful, allowing you to create and enforce any policy you need. And the whole thing was designed as a Swiss Army knife solution for SMB.

Anyway, you can read all the marketing stuff on the website. Just wanted to pipe up about who we run into in the marketplace.