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    Default Thank You Untangle!

    I would just like to take a minute and say THANK YOU to such an AWESOME company that knows how to properly run and license their products! Instead of using the traditional closed model where everyone has to pay for everything, Untangle does a GREAT job of giving a free version of the product away that has the perfect set of features for those of us who run small businesses and cannot yet afford to purchase an expensive or commercial firewall. This model not only helps those of us on tighter budgets or just starting up, it also creates a loyal base of users.

    When my company gets to the point where I can purchase the commercial version of Untangle, you better believe I am going to! And I have already recommended Untangle to several medium and large corporations that have put Untangle in over Fortinet, WatchGuard and others. Had Untangle not provided me with the free version, this would have never happened. It's perfect because it gives people a tool to use who don't have big corporate budgets to work with but also builds loyalty and respect among those of us who use the product for free which ultimately translates into direct sales down the road and indirect recommendations which turn into sales.

    It's a brilliant business model and one that is going to make Untangle a market leader in the long term. I can't go out and run a free version of Fortinet or WatchGuard and don't use those products anymore because of that reason. Nor do I recommend those products to anyone anymore because I now recommend Untangle. So thank you to everyone at Untangle for providing such an incredible business model that works for everyone!

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    Thank you for using it!
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    I argue regardless the size of your company one cannot afford NOT use (at minimum) Web Filter on the perimeter of any LAN.
    If you touch the interweb, doom is soon to be your companion...unless you have UTNGFW w/Web Filter as your sentinel.
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