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    Default Issues creating a segmented network

    We have an Untangle running 12.0.1. We have an external interface and 2 internal interfaces. Our 1st internal interface is on the network (functioning properly). Our 2nd internal interface is on We have a Fortigate Router plugged into the 2nd internal interface(Untangle) from a LAN port(Fortigate), for some troubleshooting. The Fortigate is at We are attempting to ping and connect through https a PC on the network to the Fortigate at We have attempted many different routing and IPv4 aliases, but we are never able to ping the Fortigate. For the trouble shooting problems we are having, we must leave all internal and external IP configuration unchanged in the Fortigate. We can easily connect a Laptop to the Fortigate through a LAN port and hit it on its address. We need to be able to get to this Fortigate while on the Untangle network. I know this is kinda strange but it is what we need to do. Any help??

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    Can untangle ping
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    Is the default route for the fortigate, and if not, does the fortigate have a route for the network?

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