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    Default Chromium RAM usage

    I'm unsure whether this is strictly a bug, though it certainly seems "unintended".

    Running Untangle build 12.1.1, 13 days uptime, give or take.

    I noticed one day that the "Resources" widget was showing a really big memory "in use" bar. It was listing RAM usage as 68%. There was still plenty of free RAM, so I just watched it for a few days. It continued to slowly creep up by a small fraction of a percentage per day. When it hit 70+%, I decided to see what I could discover from the command prompt.

    I ran top, and the first thing I noticed was that Chromium was listed as owning more than 40% of the available RAM.

    I did the obvious thing at that point, and I closed the graphical client. It immediately released half of the 'in-use' RAM, just like top had suggested.

    Long story short - Either there's a memory leak in the graphical client or the client is holding a LOT of data in memory and never releasing it. I can't really diagnose it further since I restarted it (and I'm not sure I could have learned much about it anyway).

    If it happens again, is it something that anybody at Untangle would want to know about, as far as trying to diagnose it?

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    It's best not to run the console browser after the initial setup is done. Use a PC on the LAN instead. Leaving the browser running on the console will hinder headroom on router performance.
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    Even moving the mouse on the physical console can reduce performance. Use it for setup, and move on. It's really not meant to be used day to day, that's what the web console is for.
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