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    Thumbs up Things I would like to see in Untangle for the Administrator

    Greetings and congratualtions on a very good concept, and what I hope to soon be a very good product.

    I have been in the IT industry for 16 years from the standpoint of a system administrator. I am now a consultant and var for SMBs. This product definitely answers some crucial needs for the 1-100 user space and I think you have nailed the need with this product. That's not to say that UT will not scale larger, but the SMB space is moving quickly presently, and this product snaps right into it.

    This post is to express what I see as mandatory needs for the administrator. I know that UT is designed to be loaded and snapped in with minimal effort, but for organizations with an admin, certain things are a must-have. Interpret this list as you may, but if most of these ideas were incorporated into the UT paltform, I could sell/install one of these in every customer's environment without even asking for a purchase order.
    -Deeper log visibilty. I need to know when my AV patterns, blocklists, etc are updated...or not.
    -Router logs. I see that my router is blocking things by the graph, but what are they? Include them in the reports.
    -Make a different report list - one for the owners and one for the admins to include the technical reports in.
    -Allow me to see a list of installed applications and their version, so I can tell if they are outdated ot not (ex. UT5.0.1 has an outdated ClamAV engine already)

    There are quite a few additional things I would like to see, but for space requirements, I will stop here. I would love to work with you and test anything you have in order to bring this product to the masses - I believe in it that much. Thanks for addressing the issue of a trashy internet, done easily for the SMB.


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    Thanks for the feedback. I've gone ahead and filed a Enhancement in Bugzilla for you, but feel free to continue adding additional Admin needs to it.


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