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    Quote Originally Posted by tescophil View Post
    virus unlikely.., I don't have any windows machines on my network
    That's not how it works anymore. The idea that Macs get a free pass for virus issues hasn't applied for several years now.

    Apple itself recommended running AV software back in 2008. They later pulled that, but a more recent article re-affirms it. Then there was the time in 2012 the Flashback trojan infected at least half a million Macs. In 2015, Apple had more security issues even than Adobe, holding both the #1 (OS X) and #2 (iOS) spots. Mircosoft doesn't appear on the list at all until #10 (Internet Explorer, which even many Windows users doesn't use). And by the way... many of those Adobe vulnerabilities are cross platform and could also reach Macs. Now this year we have FruitFly.

    In other words... running Mac means doesn't mean much any more in terms of additional security.
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