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    Default Bug report in the Events module

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to submit this. I suppose I could contact support.

    System is running: Build:

    In the events configuration screen do the following:
    • Add - new rule
    • Enter Description: "Bypass Filter Query 1"
    • Class: WebFilterQueryEvent
    • Add Field - Term = Unblock
    • Check "Log" under perform actions.
    • Leave everything else default
    • Click Done

    Now, once the new alert shows up in the list do the following (it does not matter if you save at this point or later):
    • Click "Copy" on the rule you just created
    • Click "Edit" next to the new copied rule

    At this point, slide the window out of the way and you will already see that the rule listed on the main page is mangled. If you continue to try to make any changes the other rules get mangled too. A refresh of the screen does not solve the issue. It appears that copying any rules mangles up existing and new rules so that even when you click edit on them they are broken. In addition, I also experienced losing any response from the "Add" new rule screen - it just stopped doing anything when I clicked things. So I had to refresh the page again and try again.

    It appears the copy rule function is broken.

    Update: It appears that simply reordering the rules corrupts them. It should be noted I have a description on these rules that says "Bypass Filter Query 1"; "Bypass Filter Query 2" and so on.
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