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    Piggy-backing off my custom dynamic DNS post I have a question on command center.

    Is there two factor authentication in place? Am I not seeing it? If not is it going to be added soon? As a single pane to all of my customers equipment this needs to be heavily safeguarded.

    Also, I think there should be a command center subforum...

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    Yes, this feature has been requested a number of times and is on the roadmap.

    There are a couple of settings in the Account tab that will prevent auto-authentication and also can restrict remote access to the appliances. These settings will require email confirmation to be changed to a 'less secure' state. For example, if you disable Remote Access and then try to enable it, you will need to confirm the change via email before it takes place.

    Not quite the same as MFA, but can help with additional security on the account.


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