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    Default Small screen problems

    The Untangle UI in both v13 and v13.1 aren't always creating or allowing the browser to create scroll bars.

    To see this behavior, open something like the remap interfaces UI, then make your browser window very small. And try to use the remap interfaces UI. This came up during a backup / restore operation of one of my boxes. The console was limited to 640x480, and after restore I needed to remap interfaces to get the unit online. This process was made almost impossible due to the inability to see the done, or save buttons.

    Another note, it would be really nice if untangle would ask the admin how to remap the interfaces BEFORE it reconfigured them, so the restore doesn't leave you with a busted box.
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    I've worked with the UT staff and they have already submitted bug reports for the config page (<ip>admin/ and the SSL Inspector Configuration page (<ip>/admin/

    Might be a good idea to click through and find any others.

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    Ok I couldn't help it and click through several pages and found a handful of pages that won't scroll. I will admit that there are a few pages where adding a scroll bars probably isn't necessary. Regardless here they are:

    Web filter -> Site Lookup page </admin/>
    Web filter -> Advanced </admin/>
    Virus Blocker -> Scan Options </admin/>
    Ad Blocker -> Options </admin/>
    Directory Connector -> User notification API </admin/>
    WAN Failover -> Tests </admin/>
    IPsec VPN -> IPsec Options </admin/>
    IPsec VPN -> VPN Config </admin/>
    IPsec VPN -> GRE Networks </admin/>
    Configuration Backup -> Google Connector </admin/>
    Live Support -> Status </admin/>

    Hopefully one of the UT employees that check the forums on a regular basis will see and add a bug report entry.

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    great info, we'll look into this. thanks!
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