I'm a paying home user of untangle , and for that specific use it is a very good product.

In the place where I work, we have an Allot Appliance to do the shaping work ..... comparing Allot with Untangle there is a big functionality loss about the dashboard.
On the Allot dashboard , when you are searching for specific packet , traffic etc. etc. , if you select/deselect a kind of traffic, it will be removed or added on all the widgets .... so I wonder if a nice feature like this can be added to untangle.

Just to be more clear, this is an example.
Immagine we have got 4 interfaces , and on the Interface USage widget I deselect one interface : It would be very nice that all the traffic passed on that interface will be removed from any other widget.
This can help a lot to investigate traffic issue.

Hope this can be done