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    Default Suggestion: IP Blacklist Subscription

    It would be great if there was a way to subscribe to IP blacklists (Snort,, etc.) instead of manually creating and managing firewall rules with those blacklists' data. This is a feature on PFSense that I really miss and wish was on Untangle. Being able to have those blocklist(s) drop malicious traffic is really helpful, especially when you have a web server behind the appliance It also really helps to cut down on the contact form spam!

    I know there are pros and cons to running those lists, and how each is compiled, so having have a few to chose from with brief explanations of their best use would be good, too.

    EDIT: I see this is actually implemented in the IPS/IDS app under the rule sets. Please disregard.
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    I was looking for the same feature, I see you descibed how to implement it in the IPS/IDS app. I can't seem to figure it out. Could you perhaps describe how you managed it.


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