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    Default Cloud Rule Library


    For some time my colleagues and I fancy the idea that one day the the command center will give us some really powerful and efficient management of devices. Currently it is primarily a tool for aggregated global visibility, and ease of connectivity to devices.

    However, we just conceived an idea that I think may be relatively easy for Untangle to build, and would add the kind of power we really would like to see out of a cloud-based management tool.

    Here is it:
    Give users the ability to Define a Global Rule Library in the Command Center

    More details:
    Nearly every screen in Untangle has a list and an Import button. Next to the Import button there could be a button with a name like: "Cloud Library", "Global Library" "Rule Library", "Command Center Library", etc.

    This would result in a pop-up window displaying a list of pre-built individual rules we can import from the Command Center into the current app/setting list.

    And to harness the full power of this idea, there would also be an option to "Link or Copy" the rule. If it is linked, the NGFW will monitor the rule in the Command Center and automatically update the local rule to match any changes made in the CC.

    Or of course clicking "Copy" would just make a local static copy.

    This would seriously save us time on tasks like:
    • Common bypass rules for IP addresses used by our management systems (RMM, etc.)
    • Common web filter rules used to lock-down unauthorized applications, and white-list our management applications.
    • Many many other things.

    The final iteration would be to allow us to assign (link) these into rule-sets (or even if just individual rules, that's still better than nothing) that we can assign directly to multiple appliances at once in the command center. This would take care and probably require us to indicate whether the rule(s) would be linked at the beginning or the end of the existing rule-set. I don't think any other positioning or logic is feasible.

    This functionality would make it so fast for us to deploy Untangle NGFW, and way more efficient to manage.

    Being 2019, we have many software tools that are policy-driven that allow us to change settings efficiently at a global scale. Last year we moved away from the RMM platform we'd been using for over 10 years because we finally decided it was worth the pain of moving, in order to get true policy-driven monitoring, instead of template-based configurations.

    If you guys wouldn't mind putting this idea into a product development/management meeting in the near-future, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks much!!

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    You might want to post it to our feature request board.
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