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    Default Captive Portal (Free Apps) idea/request

    I have a few UT NGFW complete 12-seat systems set up with a ‘worknet’ that almost fills the seats and an isolated bypassed wifi AP source so their customers can access the internet.

    What I want to do is take advantage of the free app, Captive Portal, so I can present a nice walled garden with a policy and a 1 hour time limit at which point they simply have to accept the policy again and then use the internet.
    I have tried a couple workarounds to make this happen but it didn’t work out well. I have contacted support looking for a way to do this, but the answer was, “Untangle is not designed to do that” and “your options are to either set up another appliance using free apps or buy more seats.”

    Buying more seats is just not an option from a financial perspective.
    Setting up another appliance isn’t an acceptable solution for me.

    Captive portal is a Free app, but I can’t seem to ever use it the way I need to use it.
    It would be nice if there was another bypass option: An option that would bypass to free apps. Bypass can’t simply route everything to free apps because bypassed printers and VoIP systems wouldn’t be able to get through a walled garden in captive portal. So, another bypass option that would simply go through the order of operations but only on free apps might be a great feature? I could set up any free app I wanted and have at least a small bit of security but more importantly I could use Captive portal to full extent.

    The only other idea I can think of that might be a nice feature is if there was a way to isolate the NIC source. Instead of a new bypass feature, maybe the ability to direct a NIC source through Free apps only?

    I really want to take advantage of that Captive Portal!

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    It would be nice if we could define a priority list of IP addresses to get licenses.

    And the automatic enforcement already does this, it limits you to free apps. So you'd have to put your public wifi into the default rack, and use policy manager to push selected traffic into the licensed rack. But, as support has said, this use case isn't part of the current design.

    If you were using Unifi WAPs you could use their captive portal instead... but I don't have any further suggestions other than what you've already received.
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    I do use only Unifi APs, I am aware of the portal option in there but just never looked into it more.

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