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    Default FR: Encrypted DNS

    OK, many of us have asked for this in different ways. Let's bring this all in to one thread for the sake of the PMs at Untangle and help them to understand what we want.

    For me, what I need is two fold:
    1. Take all the unencrypted DNS requests and anonimize (sp?) them by encryption. I hope this makes sense to you all. Of course this should all go through the normal packet sniffing to determine the domain being requested. I still want to limit these.

    2. Take all the encrypted DNS requests coming from devices on my network and decrypt those. I still want to limit/manage these sessions just as I've always been able to. Of course, these should still still be sent on to the rest of the interwebs as encrypted requests. I don't want the rest of the world to know what my users are requesting. That's my own problem.

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