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    Default Command Center's Billing Info tab needs some polish

    I just got the happy notification that my CC details were expiring in 15 days. No problem, I'll just pop over and update them!

    And I see my card in the list, the only changes to be made are the security ID, and expiration date. My new card has all the same remaining information. Clear instructions to double click to edit, so I double click on the security ID. Then I realize this clears the CC number too, ok whatever I put that in, update the security ID, and the expiration month and year.

    No sooner than the card was saved, the UI refreshed and now I have TWO cards, both with the same number. So up in the default payment method, two identical options. And the list that gives me enough information to know which card is what, won't let me remove the old card because the default payment option hasn't been changed yet.

    Now, I'd give screenshots, but that's bad for obvious reasons. And it wasn't terribly hard to figure out... but is it too much to ask that the default payment method box was integrated into the credit card box. It would make this process more clear.
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    I had a similar issue with the PayPal payment option where I was unable to update, edit or delete the information even after choosing a credit card as the default payment option.

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    Thanks, Rob - I'll pass this along. I've seen a Support ticket or two mentioning it as well, so we'll get it ironed out.

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    Same thing happened to me. Contacted support and they removed the “expired card.”
    I also had an issue when using iPad or iPhone trying to get to my account. I found I had to hold down the account option and then quickly tap it again. If I did not do that I wound up in some charts area.
    Frustrating ...

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