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    Default Poor form accounts team, really poor!


    I have both a personal subscription, as well as a 500 and 50 client site.
    Your accounting team has been in contact with me about an expired credit card, which I am well aware of and am in the process of getting a replacement.

    I responded to M*** and told her that I have pushed it through to the bean counters, and in fairness, I still have until the end of the month until cut, not really an issue IMO.

    Last night, the CTO of our multi-national mining company was emailed directly by M*** about the expired credit card and upcoming expiry of the account with the invoice attached.

    Our CTO has many larger problems to deal with, and as such, the flames filtered through the layers of management this morning, making it to me on my days off. Your email, because of it's content and wording was flagged by them as a spear-phishing attempt which will probably mark any future emails from your team thanks to the aggressive endpoint scanners we have in place. Again

    Do not, ever do this to customers. It's very unprofessional.
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    Thanks for the feedback. All feedback is appreciated, even if not always positive. We'll take a look at what might have happened here form our side.
    Heather P
    Untangle Product Team

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